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As we enter the fall season of 2022,  there has been a number of interest hikes by the banks.  Current qualification rate sits at 7.49%.   and the 5 year  fixed mortgage rate is over 5%.  That means a family earning $150,000.00 per yr. only qualifies for around $600,000.00 mortgage.  This may seem discouraging,  but remember the BEST time to buy a home is when the bank qualifies you for a mortgage.  Once you live in your new home you can ride out the bad times and profit when the economy improves.  This is how most people get ahead and move to a large home.  If you keep on waiting chance are you will always be renting. I have dealt with a number of clients that felt that way and they now realize how much better off they would be if only them bought when the banks approved them.  I am never too busy to take your calls.